Project Showcase

A custom-designed frame can elevate any work of art to new heights. For the designer or collector interested in the pinnacle of customization, we offer the option to design a frame from the ground up. Everything is customizable, from the shape of the frame to the style and finish of the molding. We work in conjunction with artisans and craftspeople to produce unique work of unparalleled quality.

Over the years New Yorker Picture Frames has had the privilege of undertaking many exciting projects. From gilded cross-shaped frames to large plexi prints, each custom project presents an opportunity for us to realize a new creative vision.

Here are a few of the highlights from our three and a half decades of experience:


Greg Yüna “DRIP” for the charity, Drop4Drop.

unique customized frame for Greg Yun a's work showing  Biggie Smalls flexing the world's smallest Jesus jewelry

Working With Greg Yuna, From Conception to Creation

In 2019 New Yorker Picture Frames undertook a custom framing project for the award winning jewelry designer Greg Yuna, to design a series of frames showcasing his jewelry. The frames had to evolve from both classical and modern sensibilities. It takes a special kind of frame to showcase a miniature illustration of Biggie Smalls flexing the world’s smallest Jesus jewelry. The frames had to be ornate to match Yuna’s top notch craftsmanship, but simplified be compatible with the subject’s modern themes. Luckily New Yorker Picture Frames was up to the challenge. Illustrations of a diamond-snorting Snow White paired perfectly with gold leaf silver rotundo frames, sporting carved daisy motifs that hint at the artwork’s animated themes.


Soho Arts Club Reinvigorates 76 Wooster Street

Soho Arts Club Reinvigorates 76 Wooster Street