Custom Mirrors

Custom Mirror Example in a Bathroom

Custom Mirrors

Custom mirrors can make any home feel more open while also adding a bit of style and elegance. Our custom mirrors are personalized to suit your style. Our services include custom-cut mirrors and custom-framed mirrors that will look great in any room of your home. Whether you need new mirrors to fit a vanity in your bathroom, to open up your living room, or to accentuate any other room in your home, we can help.

Custom-cut mirrors

Consider a custom-cut mirror if you have an unusual space to fit a mirror or want a mirror that’s an untraditional shape or size. Our professionals will help you customize the size and shape of your mirror. Then, we’ll get to work cutting, etching, and beveling the mirror before adjusting it to meet your exact specifications.

Custom-framed mirrors

Whether you’re getting a custom-cut mirror or are using an existing mirror, we can help you design the perfect frame to accent it. Our pros can help you choose from modern and traditional designs. Stop in our store to talk to a specialist who can help you narrow down your options.

Custom mirror options

When you’re styling your home or office, deciding where to put custom mirrors can be challenging. Here are some of the ways our clients use custom mirrors:

  • To create depth and space
  • To accentuate other pieces of art
  • To enhance a home or office’s natural light
  • For practical purposes, such as a floor-length mirror to help you plan your outfit